Haanstra BV is deeply rooted in the strong and close network of the Dutch poultry-meat industry, so we are always aware of the actual supply and demand for eggs and day-old chicks. Thanks to the close contacts that we maintain with our customers and suppliers we play an active role in the field of supply and demand. This means we are able to deal with both sales and supply.

Structured yet flexible
The position and working method of Haanstra BV are determined for 90% by the arrangements made with a group of fixed suppliers and customers. This is a structured but flexible process. The actual state of the market determines the rest. Hatching eggs form about 75% of our activities, the remaining 25% being day-old chicks.

Processing of eggs

Every week at our production site in Zuidwolde, we process the millions of eggs from the parent stock farms we work with.

Company-managed transport

Because so many things can go wrong during transport and unloading, Haanstra BV prefers to use its own transport. Our drivers know the products they are carrying and as such they are important ‘feelers’ for our business. Thanks to their frequent contact with poultry farmers, our drivers can get to know them as individuals. This personal contact and knowing what is going on in somebody‚Äôs life, both business and private, makes working with Haanstra BV special.


Thanks to our wide experience of exporting to many destinations, there are no problems preparing consignments for export. We comply with all internal protocols, we have experience with monitoring programmes and we cooperate with the NVWA in a constructive way.

We know all country-specific hygiene requirements and we handle all necessary documents. The NVWA certifies and checks the eggs and makes visits to the poultry farmers. NVWA recognises Haanstra BV as a reliable exporter.

Our poultry farmers take weekly samples to check for Salmonella and cooperate with the national monitoring programmes of the Health Service.

“We make a connection between supply and demand, always acting in the best interests of our customers.”

A close family-owned business

The corporate culture of Haanstra BV is informal and easy-going, which is what you would expect from a close family business. In the workplace, employees accept the responsibility that is given to them. They realise how important it is to work without any mistakes and to follow fixed procedures and working methods. In this way, optimum attention for the final product is guaranteed.