With more than forty years’ experience of hatching eggs and day-old chicks, Haanstra BV in Zuidwolde is a specialist and reliable partner for poultry farmers, hatcheries and exporters. It is our ambition to occupy an independent position in the industry. We make a connection between supply and demand, providing a service in the process of hatching eggs, always acting in the best interests of our customers.

Exporters of hatching eggs

‘You can be sure that the delivery time and quality of hatching eggs will match the promise and that the export documents you need will always be in order’.


‘Cooperation means looking ahead together and finding solutions to problems before they arise. Open, fast and direct communication, that’s what it’s all about’.

Parent stock farmers

‘Parent stock farmers are getting great results thanks to the personal approach. We deliver what we promise, from the first to the very last egg’.

A valuable partner

Haanstra BV is a valuable professional partner for most hatcheries. Our strong position within the network of hatcheries ensures that we are able to work out solutions for a shortage or surplus of chicks or hatching eggs at almost any time. This is based upon a longstanding relationship with dozens of parent stock farms spread across the Netherlands.


Haanstra BV has always focused its service provision on the poultry meat industry. We mostly operate with Ross308 and Cobb500 breeds; these are now the most successful breeds, with genetics that allow poultry farmers to make good profits. This provides the basis for Haanstra BV to work with approximately 200 broiler farms. We do not work with long-term contracts, but our transactions are all based upon trust and respect for the interests of all parties. We can also respond to the demand for layer hatching eggs or turkey eggs because of the position within our network.

Haanstra in a nutshell:

  • Purchase and sale of hatching eggs
  • Sale of day-old chicks
  • Long-term relationships
  • Arrangements based on trust
  • Tight but flexible planning.

The Haanstra feeling

Poultry farming depends on closely integrated chains in which suppliers of chicks and feed cooperate with slaughterhouses. These suppliers do their best to optimise the chain and make it as efficient as possible. That is why they limit the freedom of choice of poultry farmers. Haanstra BV, on the other hand, aims for complete freedom of choice for poultry farmers. These may be smaller businesses or companies processing large numbers. A working relationship with us is based on trust and on you making your own decisions in anything you do. We definitely don’t want to be part of any arrangement that limits your freedom.

Our expertise

The people you will be working with

The Haanstra BV team is made up of enthusiastic employees who work closely together. They may be specialists, but almost all of them also know the customers and their specific wishes. This forms the basis of a special and respectful collaboration.